Quick Clips

These are a specially designed style of stainless steel clip which is much quicker & easier to fit than a standard design clip. The band is much longer and adjustable than standard clips, meaning that a significantly smaller range is required to cover an even bigger array of sizes.

There is no need for endless tightening of the clip to reduce the clip size down to the pipe diameter, its unique design means that the band is quickly pulled tight by hand and then can be tightened with a flexidrive tool to secure the clip in place.

Just 8 universal QUICK CLIPS are needed to cover pipe sizes from 40mm up to 1m.

QC-408040801 9/163 1/8
QC-60120601202 3/84 7/10
QC-70160701602 4/56 3/10
QC-80200802003 1/87 9/10
QC-1504001504005 9/108 7/10
QC-3106003106002 1/523 3/5
QC-50080050080019 7/1031 1/2
QC-6401000640100025 1/539 2/5